Auto Concierge Service

December 18, 2017
Posted by: AutoSales Osifeso

We are announcing our auto concierge service starting in Los Angeles area, USA.

We could arrange the purchase and shipping of any vehicle for sale in Los Angeles area for you in a sealed container from Los Angeles to Lagos.

There are 4 costs generally associated with getting a vehicle from the USA onto Nigerian roads.

  • Vehicle Cost – this is the actual purchase price of the vehicle. You can pay into our bank account in Nigeria and we will pay the seller on your behalf in US Dollars or you can wire funds to the seller directly.
  • Concierge Fee – this is our ONLY fee and it’s a fee charged for validating the vehicle and transporting it to our shipper either by being driven or towed.
  • Shipping Fee – this is the fee charged by the shipper to ship the vehicle in a sealed container to Nigeria.  Current shipping fees are as follows: Sedans ($1.300), SUV ($1,500) and Container ($4,200). A container can take 4 sedans or 3 SUVs. Your vehicle and it’s content will be safely protected inside of a container out of the prying eyes of Lagos wharf rats.
  • Clearing Fee – this is the fee charged by Nigerian Customs service as duty on the vehicle. It will be paid locally in person or via a shipping and clearing agent. Nigeria operates on a rolling 15-year import rule though older vehicles are accepted but incur an extra customs duty fee.

It takes 2 months for a vehicle shipped from California to get to Lagos so please plan accordingly.

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The only way to earn trust is to be trustworthy.

My guarantee to you is that you’ll experience an impeccable level of trust, commitment and excellent customer service that I’ve learned in over 30 years working at Fortune 100 companies like Paramount Pictures, Bank of America and Baylor Health Care System in the USA. – Prince Somorin Osifeso, Snr., – Founding Director.



Here are some of the values that are inherent in our vehicles.

  • Vehicles Are Safety Checked
  • Absolutely No Salvaged Vehicles
  • Vehicles Are Hand Picked
  • We Are Also A USA Licensed Dealer

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